Listen to an early version of Pantera’s “Floods”

Posted by on October 7, 2016


With all due respect to our friends in Florida that might be having some hurricane issues right about now, there’s never a bad time to listen to Pantera, especially “Floods,” one of the standout tracks on The Great Southern Trendkill. Although the album, Pantera’s next to last one, was released on May 7, 1996, on October 21, it will be getting the reissue treatment from Rhino. The label will be releasing a double-disc version of the album, which includes a remastered version of the original album and a second disc of demos, instrumentals and live recordings.

Today, Guitar World premiered the demo version of “Floods,” a song who’s solo was voted as one of the 20 best of all time by the magazine. Here’s what Dimebag said at the time about the solo:

“That solo was thought out in a more orchestrated fashion than some of the others I play where I just start ripping right off the bat,” Dimebag told Guitar World at the time. “The thing that really makes the ‘Floods’ solo come across like it does is [bassist] Rex [Brown]’s playing behind it. He’s using his fingers and he plays a whole bunch of cool licks and shit in there. He definitely adds to the vibe and feel of my lead because I’m playing off his part a lot—it was a great foundation for me to build on, man.

“I picked up the idea of doubling from Randy Rhoads. It seemed appropriate to start off in a slow, melodic fashion and then build and build and build to the climax with the big harmonic squeals at the end.”

The Great Southern Trendkill will be re-released by Rhino on October 21 and can be pre-ordered here.



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