Vulgar Display Of Product: Pantera Coming To Wal-Mart

Posted by on February 24, 2010

Remember that time back in the ’90s when you walked into a Wal-Mart and picked up the latest Pantera album? No? That’s because it didn’t happen. Since every one of Pantera’s albums had profanity on them, the big box retailer has never stocked an album by the iconic band. That’s about to change with the release of 1990-2000: A Decade of Domination, a Wal-Mart-exclusive album coming on March 30 on Rhino. The songs on the album have been remastered, and all are unedited.

Wal-Mart seems to have come around to hard rock and metal in the past year or so. Both KISS and AC/DC had exclusive deals with the retailer, and it translated into big sales for them. Granted, this is a compilation album, not a brand new record. But when you consider that Wal-Marts are in some outlying areas that might not have record stores, this might be the first time some more rural metal fans that might not have the Internet have ever seen a Pantera album.

Also, Record Store Day is coming up on 4/17, and Pantera and Rhino will be celebrating by releasing the band’s first three Atco albums on vinyl. Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display of Power and Far Beyond Driven will be released then, with Official Live: 101 Proof, The Great Southern Trendkill and Reinventing the Steel coming out on vinyl later this year. A Decade of Domination track listing after the jump.

Cowboys From Hell
Psycho Holiday
Cemetary Gates
Mouth For War
This Love
Five Minutes Alone
I’m Broken
Drag The Waters
Revolution Is My Name


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