Lionize post first single from upcoming album

Posted by on December 26, 2013

album_finalClutch hasn’t really released much music aside from their own on their label, Weathermaker Music. That’s about to change on February 18th, when Jetpack Soundtrack from Lionize is released. It’s not too much of a stretch. The Maryland band have toured with Clutch before, and Clutch’s guitarist, Tim Sult, sometimes plays with them. In addition, drummer Jean-Paul Gaster co-produced the forthcoming album with Machine, who helmed last year’s Earth Rocker and Blast Tyrant

Like Clutch did last year on Christmas Day, Lionize have released a song from the forthcoming album on their web site. “Reality Check” is definitely more straightforward bluesy rock than the band’s previous output, which has tended toward reggae at times. This is likely due to the production touch of the Gaster and Machine, but it’s definitely catchy as all hell. If you enjoy Clutch, you’ll definitely be down with this, even if it’s a little slicker sounding than them.

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