Kowloon-Walled City are streaming all of their Grievances

Posted by on October 7, 2015

This Friday Kowloon-Walled City release Grievances, their third studio album, on Neurot Recordings (pre-order it here). The album is now streaming in full over at Noisey, along with a lengthy interview between producer Kurt Ballou Scott Evans of Kowloon-Walled City who recorded and mixed Grievances.

Said Evans on recording the album with no help in the control room:

“I put a laptop in the live room and drive Pro Tools using Remote Desktop. And yeah, sometimes stuff fucks up. On this record, I spent hours with Izotope RX4, removing patchbay crackles from a keeper bass track. So working this way has technical drawbacks, but it has benefits too. One, it lets us create and think about songs as a whole instead of as individual components whose flaws need fixing. If the floor tom drops out of tune midway through a great take, fuck it, we’ll leave it. Second, it lets the session be very private and personal. It’s like a band practice, just us and nobody watching. Having someone else there would totally change that.”

Kowloon-Walled City will do a seven-date West Coast tour with Fight Amp starting on November 1st. This will be their first run of shows with new drummer Julia Lancer, which Evans says is the next chapter for the band moving forward:

“The idea of spending the next six months woodshedding four-plus records worth of songs is not appealing. I would much rather see where Julia’s energy and new influence takes us.”

Lancer replaces Jeff Fagundes who had been with the band since forming in 2007.

(via Noisey)

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