Korn unleash new song snippet of “Love & Meth”

Posted by on August 20, 2013

Korn-The-Paradigm-Shift-620x620Perhaps because reaction to “Never Never” has been, well, terrible, Korn have released a snippet of another new track from their forthcoming album The Paradigm Shift. Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch debuted about 90 seconds of “Love & Meth”  through his online column, “HeAd’s KoRner” at Loudwire.

The song’s launch quickly follows the album’s first single “Never Never,” released officially this month. But while “Never Never” aired more towards the new wave side of Korn’s spectrum, this tracks gets a little dirtier with heavier guitar riffs and pulsing vocals, which could aim to satisfy fans of the band’s earlier sound. However, the true test of Korn’s rebirth may not come until October 8th when the full album is set for official release.

Listen to the clip via Loudwire or get a taste of the sound with a behind the scenes clip below.


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