Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach to unleash The Weapon this summer

Posted by on April 17, 2017

Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach has never been one to sit still. Even after leaving Killswitch Engage after Alive or Just Breathing, he played in Seemless and Times of Grace. And now that he’s fully back in the band, he’s still got a new Times of Grace album in the works. He also spoke previously about a “fun” punk/hardcore band he was working on.

While he hasn’t gone into who the “3 killer humans” are that he’s working on the project with, he has come up with a name for the band, as he revealed on the Jasta Show podcast: The Weapon. He’s expecting to put out a 7″ this summer and describes the songs as “minute and a half, really quick Black Flag style kind of stuff.” 

He also went into detail a bit more about the next Times of Grace album, and those expecting Killswitch part 2 just because Adam Dutkiewicz is in the band will likely be disappointed:

“The new stuff on the demos so far is even a further departure from the Killswitch sound. It’s less metal, more heavy indie rock. Kind of post metal sounding stuff.”

That’s in the works, but since Killswitch is still on tour with Anthrax, it’ll be a while before Leach and Dutkiewicz get to properly work on the rest of the album. Either way, your 2017 is about to have a lot more Leach in it!



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