Killswitch Engage part of Game of Thrones mixtape

Posted by on December 16, 2014

Last year, to get people psyched for the fourth season of Game of Thrones, HBO commissioned a mixtape called Catch the Throne. The 10-track compilation was heavy on hip hop and reggaeton, featuring Daddy Yankee, Common, Big Boi and more. With the fifth season coming out next year, they look to be doing it again, and this time Killswitch Engage is involved. Singer Jesse Leach let the cat out of the bad via Instagram via a picture of a studio with some cameramen in it. “HBO is in the studio with us?!,” his comment reads. “Yup word is out! Killsiwtch ENgage are part of the #GameOfThrones [email protected]! #CatchTheThrone dudes are stoked! New song coming soon!”

The first installment featured themes and storylines from the first couple of seasons, and each song had samples of music from the soundtrack. It’ll be interesting to see if Killswitch follows suit. We know they could probably do an awesome cover of the theme song. When you think of metal bands that would be inspired by Game of Thrones, Killswitch wouldn’t necessarily be the first to come to mind. Maybe like Eluveitie or something.  It’ll be interesting to see if there will be other heavy bands involved in this, or if KsE are an anomaly. Season 5 of the hit HBO series is expected to debut in April.

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