It’s been a rumor that’s spread around the web ever since Howard Jones’ departure, with multiple parties downplaying the reports. Killswitch Engage kept quiet for the most part, while Jesse Leach started to play the “no comment” game. And though no official statement has been made at this moment, we’d say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Just now, a new image of Leach with the members of Killswitch Engage has been posted on the band’s website. The picture (as seen above) seems to confirm news that many fans have been hoping to hear: that Killswitch Engage have been rejoined by Jesse Leach.

Leach, who first left the group in 2002, was an obvious choice to replace Jones, having joined the band onstage back in 2010  for an encore set in NYC and forming Times Of Grace with guitarist guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. Still it’s definitely quite a nice surprise for fans to hear that it’s actually happening. We’ll keep you posted as more is revealed in this breaking story.