Is Baroness turning purple?

Posted by on August 25, 2015

Throughout the course of their career, Baroness have named their albums after colors. There was the Red Album, the Blue Record and Yellow and Green. And while we don’t know yet that much about their forthcoming fourth full-length, we will soon. The band have been tweaking the album, which is said to be an uptempo album, with producer Dave Fridmann. And yesterday, the band tweeted out a picture of their logo in purple, with the caption “Stay tuned August 28.” Is there a Purple album in the works? They’d be following in the footsteps of Stone Temple Pilots if so (and Prince’s Purple Rain, for that matter). After the brutal bus accident they went through, we were banking on the Black and Blue album. At any rate, we’re hearing that the album will drop in December on the band’s own label. Guess we’ll find out for sure on Friday.



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