Hurry Up If You Want To Hear A New Gojira Song [Updated]

Posted by on June 4, 2012


Radio show host Full Metal Jackie debuted a new Gojira song, “Liquid Fire” this past weekend. There’s a shitty-sounding stream of it that’ll be up for a minute or two, so listen to it now while you can, as it’ll probably be taken down shortly. So basically, listen to it now and get psyched for June 26, when their long-awaited Roadrunner debut, L’Enfent Sauvage is released. That album contains the crushing title track, “Liquid Fire” and eight other tracks. And the audio quality will be way better.

[UPDATE] The band’s Facebook page has “Liquid Fire” available as a free download if you ‘like’ the page and log in through Facebook. And honestly, who doesn’t already like Gojira?


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