Here’s the Meshuggah/’Space Jam’ mashup you were waiting for

Posted by on July 28, 2014

slamzenWe’re all either having a collective stroke, or it is truly a beautiful world that we live in. Before we go any further, we will, against our best possible judgment, present you with a link to a subreddit called Come On And Slam. What you do with this link is entirely up to you, although the only advice I could give is to not click it under any circumstances. This is an entire community of people called “slammers,” and they spend their time remixing Quad City DJ’s Space Jam theme song.

Where this becomes relevant to us, however, is that a fine gentleman by the name of Analog Staple took it upon himself to mash this 90’s classic up with Meshuggah’s ObZen. Not just that track, mind you. The entire album. Each song starts exactly the same way, and the effect becomes horrifyingly surreal after a point. “This Spiteful Slam” is a highlight, and the interplay between the two songs can actually be pretty clever in spots. You know, if a nine-track Meshuggah/Space Jam mashup was something your life was missing until now. Download SlamZen on Bandcamp for free, if you really must.

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