Music-Jobs.com Giving Free Subscriptions To Bloggers

Posted by on August 6, 2009

Job board Music-Jobs.com is giving out free one-month subscriptions (a $10 value) to any bloggers willing to give the site a try and hook up the ol’ plug. Not a bad deal for those of you who are looking for a job and waste all your time blogging. But you have to blog to get the free service to get the job. That’s a dillema. From the release:

If you are a registered US Music Jobs member and you have a personal blog, this will be quite easy for you. Simply write in your blog about Music Jobs and include a link to our site. A couple of possible blog post ideas include how US Music Jobs has helped you in your job hunt, an informative wiki-like profile of our site, or you can write a review about US Music Jobs.

If you don’t have a blog yet, there are plenty of free blog providers that you can join, including Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, and many more.

Have a website, but no blog? No problem! Just write about us on one of your pages, refer people back to us, and link back to our site.

You can link to the Music Jobs Homepage, but it may be more useful for your readers if you linked to the jobs board page at . But, if you feel we have a page on our site more relevant to your readers, feel free to link back to that page instead (ie, the “About Us page”). Just note that a link must be present for you to qualify.

Once you have your blog post up, send us the following to [email protected]

1. Your name and US Music Jobs username (this should be your email address)
2. Your website or blog’s URL with the posting about Music Jobs (make sure there is a link back to us.music-jobs.com in the post)

It’s as simple as that! After your submission, you should get a confirmation email letting you know that your free month is set up.

This promotion will last from today, August 6, 2009 until September 6, 2009. Members who qualify for the free one month’s subscription will be contacted by email.

Now this begs the question, did I plug the promotion to get my own free account? No, because I’m not allowed within 100 feet of office buildings anymore. Or is that middle schools?


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