Here’s the cover of the new Metallica album!

Posted by on March 21, 2016

metallica-logoOkay, we might have misled you a little here. Okay, maybe we totally misled you. We have no idea when the follow-up to Death Magnetic is coming. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that Metallica themselves don’t even know yet. They’ve been working on it forever, it’s coming out, but first their first two albums are going to come out in deluxe editions and box sets. So while we don’t have the cover of the new Metallica album, we do have the cover of their forthcoming Record Store Day release, Liberte, Egalente, Fraternite, Metallica: Live at Le Bataclan, Paris France, June 11, 2003. The band have also released “Fade to Black” from the nine-track album, which will be available as part of Record Store Day on April 16th.

Here’s the track listing:

The Four Horsemen
Leper Messiah
No Remorse
Fade To Black
Ride the Lightning
Seek & Destroy
Damage, Inc.



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