Here’s an early version of Pantera’s “Drag the Waters”

Posted by on October 12, 2016


One of the best things about the Pantera reissues of their catalog via Rhino is that we get to hear songs that we’ve lived with for the majority (or perhaps even all) of our lives presented in a different way. Be it live versions or early demos, the reissues of Cowboys From HellVulgar Display of Power, and Far Beyond Driven have offered an embarrasment of riches for Pantera fans. With the release of The Great Southern Trendkill‘s deluxe edition, we’re getting even more previously unreleased stuff from the band. There’s pretty much early version of the whole album, as well as some instrumental versions of tracks from it on a second disc. Today, Rolling Stone has shared an early version of “Drag the Waters,” along with a description of what the song is about from Phil Anselmo:

“I wrote the lyrics about a buddy of mine who was getting married. The young lady he was gonna marry sucked. She was some asshole judge’s daughter, and she came from this high-and-mighty household. I believe I had a heart-to-heart with him about her and said, ‘You might wanna drag the waters with that one, there’s bodies – she’s ruined – in there.’ Hence, upon remembrance, I wrote the lyrics.”

Drummer Vinnie Paul adds that the song is the most Zeppelin-influenced song they’ve ever written, and that they only played it live two times.

The Great Southern Trendkill 20th Anniversary edition will be released on October 21 on Rhino and can be preordered here.


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