Well, this is certainly the Tuesday morning shot of adrenaline everyone’s post-MLK Day needed. While it had already debuted online on BBC Radio, Kvelertak’s “Bruane Brenn” has made its way onto Spotify and iTunes in Scandanavia, even though it’s not available in the States yet. The song will be released in the rest of the word next Tuesday (28).

Described via the band’s Facebook as “Burn the bridges, kill the jailer, live life on the run!” the song follows in the footsteps of the high-energy punk/black metalish/rock and roll vibe of their debut. It didn’t take long for a version to pop up on YouTube, which you can check out after the jump. While Meir will be released in the rest of the world on Sony Music, there hasn’t been an American label named yet, we hear an announcement is imminent.