Kvelertak Announces Release Date and Track Listing For New Album

Posted by on December 18, 2012

For those somehow still unfamiliar with Kvelertak (if that’s you, what’s wrong with you?), now is the perfect time to get acquainted.  The Norwegian six-piece’s unmistakable blend of black/stoner/punk/rock/generally badass metal is coming back with a bullet in March, as they announced on their Facebook page today, complete with a title (Meir) and a full track list.  

But here’s what we still don’t know: what record label has Kvelertak on the roster?  Meir is the hotly-anticipated follow-up to their self-titled debut on Indie Recordings, which gave the band enough buzz last year to rival Ghost’s breakout Opus Eponymous.  And while Ghost’s meteoric rise touched off a massive metal label bidding war, Kvelertak has drawn a similar amount of attention despite having completely Norwegian lyrics.  Regardless of who has signed the band – and we’d imagine that announcement will come very soon – we can’t help getting excited just reading the band’s summaries of each song and the actual song titles.  Seriously, there is a song called “Nekrokosmos” with a premise that sounds like a nightmarish rewrite of Superman’s origins.  Nothing about this can possibly go wrong.

Also, this gives us an excuse to post the first album’s “Fossegrim” synced up to Christmas lights.


The full announcement from Kvelertak can be read after the jump:

KVELERTAK – MEIR (Out March 2013, date TBC)

A feather clad man breaks into your skull. He has such sights to show you!

When the walls of life are closing in, you best run for the hills!

Trepanning is a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled into the human skull, releasing evil spirits.

Burn the bridges, kill the jailer, live life on the run!EVIG VANDRAR
An unholy pact has doomed this man to walk the earth until the end of time.SNILEPISK
This dark tyrants whip is made of hair and flesh. He will leave scars across the land.MÅNELYST
In the cold light of the moon you become possessed by evil.NEKROKOSMOS
A green meteor of iron strikes the graveyard. An intergalactic traveller won’t leave until everything around him is dead.

Nothing matters. We’re not even a grain of sand in Cosmos.

There is a storm coming. All you can do is pray!

Like the Asgardsreia we will have all the mortals in our way join our cavalcade.

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