GWAR Records Theme Song For The Dan Patrick Show’s “Wheel Of Punishment”

Posted by on January 14, 2013


Remember when Oderus Urungus made an appearance on Dan Patrick’s syndicated program, The Dan Patrick Show? Well apparently the GWAR frontman and the former ESPN personality hit it off. That’s because the show recently premiered a snippet of the theme song GWAR recorded for their “Wheel Of Punishment” segment. It’s not clear whether the song will appear on GWAR’s forthcoming album or is an exclusive for The Dan Patrick Show. Either way, it’s pretty cool to hear GWAR crossing over into yet the sports world (especially since Oderus’ human slave is a big Redskins fan).

Take a listen to GWAR’s “Wheel Of Punishment” (starting around the 4 minute mark) in the video above.

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