It’s no surprise that The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato likes electronic music and R&B as much as he likes metal. Today, he showed off a song from his new project, The Black Queen, via Rolling Stone. The trio also features Joshua Eustis (Nine Inch Nails, Puscifer) and Steven Alexander, who’s teched for TDEP and NIN, and today they’ve started things off with a song “The End Where We Start,” the first song from their forthcoming album Fever Daydream. Much like Chino Moreno does with Crosses, the new band is a lot more rooted in trip hop and downtempo electronic music than the spastic hardcore of Dillinger.

In the interview, we find out more about Puciato and how the band came together. The skeleton of the project dates back to 2011, when Puciato and Alexander started writing together. After meeting Eustis, the three started working on the project, which became more electronic than the shoegaze he’d initially thought. We find out that all three band members moved in together in 2013, and despite what we might think being a singer in one of metal’s more successful bands would mean financially, all three members went almost completely broke while making the album:

“It was more or less a three-year process of us just propping each other up,” he says. “Dealing with past shit together, depression and anxiety and addiction and love and loss and feeling as high as can be and as low as can be.” According to Puciato, the “really crazy, very visceral rollercoaster of a time period” culminated early this year when the three musicians moved out of their shared place and their fully packed moving truck was stolen. It was found the next day empty.

Apparently, the band view this as a full time project, not just a one-off, so we’ll get to hear a lot more about this as the summer progresses. You can purchase “The End Where We Start” now.