Apparently Anthrax’s Frank Bello Is An Actor?

Posted by on August 22, 2011

If you had told us a few years ago that wed be seeing Anthrax bassist Frank Bello in a motion picture about singer Jeff Buckley, we’d say “Sure, and Joey Belladonna come back to Anthrax to record Worship Music.” Oh wait…

Well, guess we can say that both things have happened. According to IndieWire, Bello will be portraying Richard Hell in a new bio movie about Buckley (note: not the one starring the guy who plays Peter Parker in the Spider Man musical). Though it’s expected to be a small role, it’ll still be interesting to see Bello as Richard Hell, who is featured in the film because he performed two of Buckley’s songs at a tribute show.

What’s more shocking, though, is that this is apparently not Bello’s first shot at acting. As it turns out, Bello played the role of “Johnny, Rocker” in an episode of Law & Order in 2004. We’re not sure how large of a role it was (probably nothing more than a line or two), and we are frantically trying to find video of this. If you by chance know of a way for us to see this random cameo (we’ve already DVR’d TNT and USA in hopes that one of the billion episodes they air turns out to be this one), let us know! Meanwhile, our favorite Anthrax TV appearance is after the jump.


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