Foo Fighters reminds us that everything is on “The Line”

Posted by on September 7, 2017

Foo Fighters hinted their upcoming album Concrete and Gold will include a handful of surprises, which tehy proved by the news they’d recruited Justin Timberlake to sing on one of the tracks. Carrying out these eclectic additions will most likely lead to an extreme result. However, our guess is it will be one enjoyable record. We already listened to songs “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” “Sunday Rain,” and “Run,” and now, we get to hear another fresh tune, “The Line.”

Dave Grohl describes the song as:

A search for hope in this day and age where you feel as if you’re fighting for your life with every passing moment, and everything is on the line.”

Listen to “The Line” below:

Concrete and Gold will be released on September 15th via Roswell/RCA and pre-orders are available here.


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