Despite the COVID-19 uncertainties, New Jersey’s instrumental metal outfit Etherius have pushed ahead as their new album, Chaos.Order.Renewal is now available. The follow-up to 2018’s EP Thread of Life, consists of seven aggressive tracks, which they were originally going to showcase during their tour that was inevitably postponed. While you can order the record here, it’s also available on digital streaming services.


Guitarist Jay Tarantino Comments:

“‘Chaos. Order. Renewal.’ seems to be an appropriate title for the album given the unprecedented circumstances going on in the world right now. Although the music is at times dark and aggressive, we hope it can provide a glimmer of hope and give people a distraction from the never-ending news cycle of doom and gloom.”


He continues:

“We spent months planning this album release around our spring tour, with plans to do even more touring throughout the year. With all of that now postponed, we’ve spent the last few weeks working hard to try and salvage what we could and get creative with how we can reach the fans. We hope you enjoy the music and the content we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks and months.”


Stream the album in full below:


Track List:

01) Rise of Sirius

02) The Rivers of Sand and Blood

03) The Omnipotent

04) Pyramid of Mirrors

05) Unity in Darkness (feat. Angel Vivaldi)

06) The Eye of Ra

07) Bringer of Light