Disturbed going live for next CD

Posted by on October 14, 2016


It’s kind of hard to believe, but in fifteen years, Disturbed have never released a live album. There was a four-song live EP in 2008, but that hardly counts. That’s about to change, as Warner Bros. will be releasing Live at Red Rocks on November 18th. The set was taken from their August 15th performance at the iconic Colorado amphitheater.  Here’s the track listing of the CD:

1) Introduction
2) Ten Thousand Fists
3) The Game
4) The Vengeful One
5) Prayer
6) Liberate
7) The Animal
8) Stupify
9) The Sound of Silence
10) Lost Soul
11) Inside the Fire
12) The Light
13) Stricken
14) Indestructible
15) Voices
16) Down with the Sickness

Why release a live album now? Why not? The band’s got a ton of popular songs, and their Simon & Garfunkel cover was actually a mainstream hit. Not to mention, the release date seems about perfect. There’s another album by a rock band coming out on that date, and we’d have to imagine that some of the people that still go to record stores to buy albums might see the Disturbed live album when they’re picking up Hardwired… To Self Destruct. Not to mention, releasing an album the week before Black Friday is a good look regardless.


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