Dad Metal songs actually available for download

Posted by on January 9, 2014

dadmetalJust yesterday, we wrote about Dad Metal, a hysterical¬†Funny or Die sketch that probably resonated with a father or two that still likes metal. One of the best things about the sketch was The Mohicans, the band that provided the music for the fictional 8-volume set. The band effectively mined hair metal, thrash, hardcore, and death metal through the course of the 2-minute video, all with different band names, like ¬†“Pattern Baldness,” “Prophylactic Rupture,” and “Stnoewash.”

Now you can stream and download all of the music featured in the sketch. If you want to hear “What Do You Mean, You Lost Your Retainer,” “Skylar is Allergic to Peanuts,” and “Daddy Wasn’t Hurting Mommy,” among others, it’s available for streaming and free download via Dad Metal’s Bandcamp site. The six-song EP,¬†Vol. 1, weighs in at just over 11 minutes, so it’s in and out before the joke wears itself out. So if you’ve got some rugrats running around and want to listen with a message similar to Jim Breuer’s “Santa Claus Ain’t Coming to Town,” you can stream it below or download to share with the ones you love (except for when they leave the toilet seat up).


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