Spotify Playlist: The crew behind Pentakill share the music that shaped their tastes

Posted by on August 16, 2017

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pentakill, the fictional metal band from the PC game League of LegendsHowever, even if you’ve never touched a video game, the band’s lineage is impressive, boasting members of Jorn, Battle Beast, DragonForce and more. A few weeks ago, the  ‘band” released their sophomore albumII: Grasp of the Undying, and while the idea of a fictional metal band in a video game universe is an unconventional one, the music composition and production staff of designers Riot Games take their metal very seriously, and gave us a playlist of some of the music that shaped their taste and continues to inspire them. Here’s what the studio says: 

“Here are a collection of songs that have inspired us throughout the recording of II: Grasp of the Undying.  In Flames “Cloud Connected” was a huge reference point for “Tear of the Goddess.”  Megadeth “Tornado of Souls” has, in our opinion, the best guitar solo in all of metal.  Masterplan “Spirit Never Die” showcases our dude Jorn at his best.  Symphony X “Serpent’s Kiss” we feel parallels Pentakill in their ability to balance heaviness and progressiveness. While those were just a few examples, all of these tracks have inspired us in different manners, both during this album process, and in our lives as music fans…”



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