Converge to re-release remixed, remastered ‘You Fail Me’ and it sounds great

Posted by on May 2, 2016

convergefailRemember that bad album Converge came out with? No, that’s because they don’t have a clunker among them. Especially their last five records, starting with 2001’s Jane Doe, have found them on a hot streak. Jane Doe was the album that heralded them as a hardcore band that was more intense, more artful and the exact opposite of the anonymity of the subject of the album’s title. The 2004 follow-up You Fail Me, might be their finest moment. And while 12 years might not be that big of a difference, technology has gotten better, the band’s gotten to know themselves better and on June 17th, You Fail Me: Redux will be released on Epitaph Records.

The album has been remixed by guitarist and producer Kurt Ballou and remastered by Alen Douches. Frontman Jacob Bannon has repackaged the album. Considering it was the last album that Ballou didn’t produce for the band himself, he’s probably got a better idea of how to make his band sound. The band just released the remixed version of the title track, and it’s awesome. Having lived with the already excellent sounding original version, hearing the 2016 version is an improvement in every way. It’s not night and day different, it just sounds… better. Considering how ahead of it’s time the album was upon its initial release, this new version still makes it sound like it’s just slightly ahead of its time.

You Fail Me Redux will be released on June 17th on Epitaph Records. It can be preordered here.


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