Born of Osiris Release Album Preview and Tracklist

Posted by on July 31, 2013


Do you like sweep picking? Do you also like chugs? Then you will definitely like the album preview for Born Osiris’s upcoming album Tomorrow We Die ∆live. They have already released the track ‘M∆chine‘, which has been a part of their setlist at the Rockstar Mayhem Fest. The rest of the album is in a similar vein, picking up where their previous effort, 2011’s The Discovery left off. The new album features plenty of melodic, spacey synths, flowing lead parts, and of course, breakdown-ey chugs, as well as some Eastern sounding influences on certain tracks. There are also some vaguely Linkin Park-esque clean vocals. The lick we heard Lee McKinney working on a while back can be heard on the track ‘Illusionist’. It is also clear that the stylized letter ‘A’, which appears as a Greek Delta symbol (∆) is a theme that runs throughout the tracklisting, replacing any letter ‘A’ in the track titles. No word yet on what it means. Either it has something to do with the change in any mathematical quantity, the discriminant in any polynomial equation, or the Laplance operator (thank you, Wikipedia), or maybe they just thought it looked cool.

Anyway, check the video above for a preview of the new sound, and check the complete tracklisting below:

1. M∆chine
2. Divergency
3. Mindful
4. Exhil∆r∆te
5. ∆bsolution
6. The Origin
7. ∆eon III
8. Im∆gin∆ry Condition
9. Illusionist
10. Source Field
11. Venge∆nce

Tomorrow We Die ∆live will be released August 20 from Sumerian Records.

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