While they may or may not be a bunch of scumbags (depending on whose side of the Jason Richardson departure debate you agree with), Born of Osiris are definitely one of the more innovative groups in the deathcore genre.  Today they officially announced unveiled a new track, “M∆CHINE,” and also released a promo video that features the song as well as some cool cosmic-looking album art. The album comes out on August 20, and will feature former guitarist Lee Evans taking the place of Jason Richardson. Whether or not the departure of Richardson will impact the group’s sound is yet to be determined, but the track that was released today has many of the breakdowns, synths, and arpeggio parts that were featured on 2011’s The Discovery, which was their only album to feature Richardson.

Says guitarist Lee McKinney of the track M∆CHINE:

“We couldn’t be more excited to not only have a new record coming out this summer, but to have a new single available in time for the start of Mayhem Fest! ‘M∆CHINE’ to me is just a straight up in your face BORN OF OSIRIS song. It’s got an epic intro, intense orchestral content, heavy keyboard breakdowns, a great structure, impactful vocals and of course some gnarly guitar shred. It definitely hits hard from beginning to end. We can’t wait to head out and play it live all summer long.”

Of course, “all summer long” refers to their part on this summers Mayhem Fest tour. The band already previewed the new track at a live show this past Sunday in Memphis, TN: