Body Count debuts another new tune – “The Ski Mask Way”

Posted by on March 10, 2017

We are a few weeks away from Body Count’s Bloodlust, which is coming on March 31 via Century Media. As the release date gets closer, the band continue to surprise us, sharing a preview of the entire album and the new video for “No Lives Matter.” Today, Body Count premiered another new track “The Ski Mask Way” via Revolver.  

Ice-T said the following about this new song:

“I was noticing people on the streets showing off their expensive jewelry and money on social media. They are just making themselves a target for the robbers out there just watching their Instagram to see what they are flaunting. In L.A., they call Instagram ‘Jacker’s Uber,’ seeing what clubs people are at and livestream the robbers to their front door.”

Check it out below and pre-order the album here.


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