skidrowIt’s been a long time since Skid Row’s debut album was released – 26 years, actually. That’s over two decades since “Youth Gone Wild,” “I Remember You,” and especially “18 and Life” pushed the album to multi-platinum status based on the strength of the song and singer Sebastian Bach’s vocals. Bach hasn’t been in the band since 1996, and the band just got rid of Jonny Solinger after a 15-year run, enlisting former TNT vocalist Tony Harnell to join.

As a show of solidarity with their new singer, they’ve released a re-recorded version of “18 and Life” with Harnell on vocals. And it sounds… well, it sounds just fine. There’s nothing to make it stand out, and Harnell does a perfectly fine version of singing it, hitting all the notes that Bach did. There’s something missing though, and  that thing is Bach. There are a lot of egos to massage, and we’re definitely a fan of Harnell’s vocals, but they should just swallow their pride, have a group therapy session, and bring back Bach.

[Metal Sucks via Bring Back Glam]