Babymetal’s backing band releasing their own album

Posted by on April 25, 2017

Babymetal have been one of the most polarizing heavy bands since “Gimme Chocolate!” first wafted through your computer speakers nearly half a decade ago. Many are turned off by the choreography and gimmickry of the three teenage leads of the band, and while we’re fans of the whole thing, it’s understandable why some might dismiss the band without ever actually listening to them. That’d be a mistake, because the backing band is phenomenal. Known as the Kami Band, it looks like they’re getting their own album, coming out tomorrow in Japan.

Metal Sucks tipster has found that the Kami Band, which translates to “Temporary Band,” will be releasing the album, Provisional Sound Source – Demo, tomorrow via Amazon Japan, but it’s already out of stock. A tipster in the comments section reports that the band consists of BOH on bass, Mikio Fujioka on guitar and Yuya Maeta on drums, and that the album will have guest appearances on it as well. In an interview, Fujioka says that the band is a technical instrumental band that plays jazz fusion and covers Jeff Beck, King Crimson and Herbie Hancock. Here’s some video of the band playing a few years back.


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