All That Remains’ new stuff is Tru-Kvlt-Metal

Posted by on February 6, 2015

All That Remains have a new album, The Order of Things, coming out on February 24th. And while they’ve certainly gotten the reputation as a radio band by many, it seems like they’re doing their best to regain some of their metal cred. The first song the band released from the album, “No Knock,” was one of the heaviest things they’ve written in a while. And while proper first single “This Probably Won’t End Well” is rising up the active rock charts, the band today previewed another song from the album, “Tru-Kvlt-Metal,” on their Facebook page. The 21 second snippet of the song, debuting on Monday on Billboard, doesn’t give too much away. It sounds pretty heavy, but all you can really hear is a guitar solo that sounds metalcore/Gothenburg-like in nature. Is the song trve or kvlt? Hell no, but it’s not an autotuned ballad, either.  You’ll be able to hear the whole thing on Monday.


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