Agalloch release tracklisting and other details for next album

Posted by on March 19, 2014


Yesterday, Agalloch premiered a new track from their upcoming album The Serpent & The Sphere. Now we’ve got full confirmation that the album is complete and a full tracklisting is available as well as a few other details. It turns out the band enlisted the help of guitarist Nathanaël Larochette from a Canadian band named Musk Ox for the acoustical interludes on the album. Even if you haven’t heard of Musk Ox, if you know anything about the acoustic work on Agalloch’s previous albums, you know this collaboration means good things. Also, if you haven’t heard to track “Celestial Effigy”, you can stream it below.

The Serpent & The Sphere tracklisting:

1. Birth and Death of the Pillars of Creation
2. (serpens caput)
3. The Astral Dialogue
4. Dark Matter Gods
5. Celestial Effigy
6. Cor Serpentis (the sphere)
7. Vales Beyond Dimension
8. Plateau of the Ages
9. (serpens cauda)

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