…of his roller coaster drum kit. Did you think we were talking about him? This past Saturday (25), Mötley Crüe played the last show of their current tour in Atlantic City. “Tonight the 360 drum rollercoaster will roll it’s final time!,”  Lee tweeted out on Saturday.  “A bottle of Champagne smashed on the coaster last night as it sets sail for the scrap yard!,” he continued in a separate tweet. “Ha! Man we’ve given so many people the thrill of a lifetime together! all the crazy fuckers who’ve I’ve strapped in with me who had the balls to ride with me and all the spectators that have watched from a far! Cheers to ya all! This ones for the history books kids! We did it! On to design the next Spectacular!”

The Crüe debuted Lee’s coaster kit, which rotated 360 degrees as he did his eight-minute drum solo, in 2011 for their 30th anniversary tour with Poison and the New York Dolls. The 40 foot loop had another seat for a passenger, with Lee usually strapping in an audience member for several turns (it was Carrot Top when I saw them during their Las Vegas residency last year). After playing several festival shows this Summer, Mötley Crüe will take time off until their next Vegas residency, which will start in September. And for those mourning the loss of the coaster kit, Lee is promising more fun, tweeting “Don’t you all worry! Just wait til ya see what crazy I got for ya next!”

[via Billboard]