If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that with a Black Sabbath album in the works, that Ozzy Osbourne isn’t retiring anytime soon. In fact, five years ago on the mostly-forgettable Black Rain, he released a single telling his fans that he’s “Not Going Away.” And going back to 1993, he hinted at taking a break by titling their tour the “No More Tours” tour, which he invalidated two years later with the “Retirement Sucks” tour.

At any rate, Ozzy Osbourne turns 64 years old today. That makes him about 22 years older than heavy metal (which, even though it was kind of around before then, officially started when Black Sabbath released their first album in February 1970). And while it was another UK band that wrote “When I’m 64,” Ozzy looks up to the Beatles. Now that he is 64, we’ll give you the next best thing, which is him covering another Beatles song , “In My Life,” with some help from Slash. Check it out after the jump, and happy birthday, Ozzy!

Ozzy Osbourne with Slash: In My Life by mach814