The Dramatic Demise Of Blackenedfest Tour

Posted by on June 10, 2009

mayhemThe MetalSucks/MetalInjection-sponsored Blackenedfest Tour, featuring Mayhem, Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage and Withered has not been without its share of problems. First Marduk no-showed, followed by a Boise cancellation, then Cephalic Carnage dropped off. The latest bit of drama is being reported through an exclusive in-depth tour diary by Metal Injection’s Justina Villanueva, who reports on a desperate, money-strapped incident:

I had my only Almost Famous moment of this tour in Denver, Colorado. We were not exactly in a descending plane but it definitely felt like we were. I watched Blackened Fest collapse within a matter of several hours. It wasn’t a short run of a tour but it’s demise was very short notice to the people involved.

Just after Withered left the bus to start their set, Cartel (tour manager) came onto the Cephalic/Withered shared mobile home to announce, “Guys, tonight might be the last night of the tour.” He started inquiring about who were the unnecessary people on the tour so he could free up bunk space. This included Sid, Leonard’s (Cephalic vocalist) son, and Chuck, Nick’s (Cephalic’s bassist) brother. Because we were in Denver, Cephalic’s home, the question at hand was easy to seal away: two free bunks. But, two free bunks doesn’t solve the extra 6 people still on Marduk’s money-swallowing bus. At that point in the night I knew one bus would be sent home and maybe some crew (most likely me too). But, I didn’t expect the actual outcome: a Mayhem only tour.

Read the entire fascinating look inside the collapse of Blackenedfest here. Mayhem will now continue their headlining tour alone, as Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation and Withered have now dropped off completely.

The coverage lacks Mayhem’s perspective of the whole thing, as Villanueva found herself on the other side of the fence. We invite anyone in the Mayhem camp to contact us at tips [at] metalinsider [dot] net for further comment.

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