Wintersun shows us more hope with “Forest”

Posted by on March 23, 2015

Two long, patient years after debuting the track “The Way of the Fire” in 2013 from the highly anticipated Time II, the heavens have opened once again. Fans were blessed during Paganfest 2015 in Oberhausen, Germany to hear a SECOND new Wintersun song. “Forest” was debuted live and gives more hope to the impending Duke Nukem Forever-esque release of Time II.

Below is a link to the live footage of “Forest” and hopefully there will be a studio version released in the somewhat near future. If you are a big follower of Wintersun then you need to drop everything and listen to this rare opportunity to hear some new music from the band. Because honestly, who knows when we’ll get a third song from them?



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