A little less than a year ago, Two Minutes To Late Night seemingly exploded out of nowhere. A metal-themed faux late night talk show, it definitely had a lot of cred. Hosted by “Gwarsenio Hall” and featuring house band Mutoid Man, it was filmed at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus, and was essentially what would happen if The Hard Times branched out into TV programming.

This time, John Baizley of Baroness stops by the show and they get to ask him what questions he’s asked in interviews are the most generic. There’s also an interview with Foxygen a game show called “Dark Tank,” and an appearance from “Debbie Harry,” but more like metalhead comedian Dave Hill. The high point of the whole show is when Baizley performs “Purple Rain” with Mutoid Man. It’s actually a pretty moving version that’s pulled off amazingly well. They’ve lined up a few guest appearances as well. On the whole, it’s hard to sustain the energy that they have for the whole episode, but it’s still something we’ll continue to watch as long as they keep making it, and it’s better than any other current late night show.