Tour Diary: Black Sheep Wall, installment five

Posted by on June 2, 2015

While the Black Sheep Wall and Colombian Necktie tour came to an end a few days ago, the tour diary is just ending today. As proud sponsors of the tour, we had been bringing you a tour diary from Black Sheep Wall. You can read the first four installments hereherehere and here. The last installment, from guitarist Scott, follows.

Brunch culture is tight. I get that some people go overboard with it, but that goes with just about any interest in any walk of life. Be real though, brunch food and drinks are delicious, and some of the shit people come up with is really creative, not to mention tasty. I’m close to the West LA/Santa Monica area which sometimes get lambasted for being too hip about their brunch, but don’t be a jerk, that shit is delicious. I just ate green chile eggs benedict in Las Cruces, New Mexico which sparked the idea in my head. It was so fucking good. Be proud about the bacon, and pickled vegetables in your bloody mary because it’s dope as fuck.

Speaking of Las Cruces, and just about everywhere we have been on this tour, people outside of LA are super nice. Don’t get me wrong, I know nice people aren’t exclusive to LA, but the level of kindness, and hospitality we’ve experienced has really been eye-opening. I chalk it up to the difference in the pace, and surroundings of each respective city/state’s lifestyle, but it has definitely been a welcome change.

Tonight is our last night in Tempe, Arizona, and while I’m looking forward to making it back home to all the pertinent facets of my life there is some bittersweetness to it. I honestly don’t like touring that much, which makes our infrequent outings all that much more valuable to me. Touring with the Colombian Necktie dudes, and the friends we’ve met, and made this time around has been a real pleasure. I’m just stoked that I’m finally getting home to finish the Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne with my budz Chris and Pat.

P.S. Fight Owens Fight!

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