The Human Abstract And Guitarist Andrew Tapley Part Ways

Posted by on February 10, 2011

The Human Abstract and guitarist Andrew Tapley, who had joined the band for their album Midheaven and the soon to be released Digital Veil, has left the band. There had been some speculation as to his status with the band after their Facebook profile didn’t list him as a member, and it was confirmed by Tapley himself early this morning via his Facebook page.

As some of you know and many have been wondering, I will not be playing with The Human Abstract anymore. This wasn’t decided by me; however, there are no hard feelings. Thanks to everyone who supported the band these past few years and to all the wonderful friends I had the pleasure of meeting. I will be in Los Angeles continuing with music; art is long and time is fleeting –see y’all soon!

Tapley joined the band in 2007, and his departure adds to a band that hasn’t had a steady lineup for any of their three albums. It does seem like the departure is amicable on both ends, though. The band also released a statement saying “We love Tapley very much and we will support him in all his future aspirations.” And if what we’ve heard from the new album so far is any indication, he leaves the band having recorded a great album, and we wish the best for everyone involved.

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