Majestic Downfall PhotoWhen thinking of doom and death metal, Mexico probably isn’t the first place to come to mind, but since 2006, one-man project Majestic Downfall has been creating his own brand of dark, mournful doom. Now Jacobo Cordova (Mr. Jacko), has returned with the band’s third album, …When Dead. This album finds the project, now a full band, reaching towards black metal at times while still keeping the doom fully intact. The five-track album is a perfect fit for fans of My Dying Bride or older Paradise Lost and Tiamat. Today, we’re proud to bring you the premiere of “The Brick, the Concrete,” the song at the center of the five track album. It’s over eleven minutes of crushing doom, and you’re hearing it here first.

…When Dead will be available on August 14th.