Kids have mixed feelings about System of a Down, in new reaction video

Posted by on March 19, 2018

source – https://www.facebook.com/systemofadown/

Fine Brothers Entertainment have returned with a new “Kids React” video. This time around, these adolescent critics were invited to listen to System of a Down and overall, these youngsters have mixed feelings.

Check out a few highlighted comments:

“This band should be called the screaming band.”

“What the heck did you show me just now?”

“They’re talking really fast.”

“I think he’s being really crazy and I don’t understand what he’s doing.”

“Sounds like a chipmunk.”

“A lot of yelling.”

“This band has some issues!”

“But this all I hear is SCREAMING!”

“If you’re lonely, why are you with other people?”

“This is so weird.”

“I don’t understand this!!!!!”


“I have mixed feelings for it. Like, I like them, until they scream.”

“I would like to see more of their songs, but I wouldn’t like to go to their concerts.”

Watch the full video below:

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