slayermarshallIf you were skeptical about the idea of a mini fridge that looks like an amp, would your opinion change if Kerry King from Slayer said it was cool? Well, in the 28 second video below, King is seen with the fridge/amp crossover and he says he will definitely be getting one for his house. He calls the fridge “cool,” which is a little bit obvious. It’s kind of like saying a vacuum cleaner really sucks, if you think about it.

The Marshall half stack design looks identical to a real amp, and in terms of refrigerator temperature, the fact that the knobs crank to 11 would make every metal fan who enjoys an ice cold beer very, very happy.

The coldest amp on the market has been available on the Marshall fridge website since last October for $399, which includes shipping. You can check out Kerry King checking out the fridge in the video below. No word if he’s going to buy enough of them to make an inverted cross of fridges though.