GWAR get their own TEDx Talk

Posted by on April 10, 2015


Are you familiar with TED  Talks? Standing for Technology, Enetertainment, Design, the TED talks are a series of conferences given, many of them are presented by academics. There’s also TEDx, which are independent of the actual TED Talks, in which a free license is obtained from TED and some central principles are followed. This brings us to TEDxRVA, which is happening in Richmond right now. Among the speakers, Dr. Michael Bishop. Yes, you’re reading that right: Blothar has a doctorate in music that he got at UVA in 2012. Although his talk was filmed and you can see some of it above, it was hard to make it through the fan-shot video, since you can hear the people cackling around the filmer more clearly than you can Bishop. But good on him regardless.

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