Foo Fighters Show In New Zealand Causes A “Volcanic Tremor”

Posted by on December 15, 2011

Foo Fighters may not be as heavy as  some of their fellow “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” nominees. But out of the five, only Dave Grohl and co. can claim their show caused a “volcanic tremor.”

While the band was performing in Auckland, New Zealand this past Tuesday (December 13), geologists monitored the earth’s movements near the show’s location. And according to the Auckland GeoNet blog, the vibrations from the gig emitted a “strong low signal” that was on par to volcanic tremors. The geologists said the following in a posting on the Auckland GeoNet blog:

“The signal is similar to volcanic tremor that is recorded at places like Mt. Ruapehu and White Island, however the strong correlation in time with the Foo Fighters concert and the fact it was only recorded on the 2 stations close to Western Springs assured us it was of man-made origin.”

Ok, so maybe Dave Grohl didn’t actually cause a volcano to erupt like George Lynch’s solo (supposedly) did in Dokken’s video for “Just Got Lucky.” Nonetheless, causing a vibrations on the same level as a volcanic tremor is still pretty awesome.

[via BBC News]

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