Failure crowdfunding latest album

Posted by on January 14, 2015

We just found out recently that California’s Failure is recording their first new full-length album in 19 years, and now they’re looking to crowdfund their latest release.

Said vocalist and guitarist Ken Andrews,

“Obviously we are not the first band to do this sort of thing, but I do think our fans are uniquely qualified to make this a very satisfying experience for all who participate.”

The band, who broke up in the mid 90s, is offering the usual assortment of signed CDs and exclusive shirts, but they were also offering effects pedals (they all sold out!) and at the $1000 level, the privilege to attend the mixing session for the as-of-yet unnamed new album.

Failure released three studio albums since their 1992 debut, Comfort. Their most recent album, Fantastic Planet, released in 1996, would be their last until the band reunited and put out their Tree of Stars EP in 2014.



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