Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley Opening Bar, Seeking Name Suggestions

Posted by on June 19, 2009

everytid-interviewEvery Time I Die frontman/wordsmith/comedian Keith Buckley, never one to sit idle, is in negotiations to open a bar in his hometown Buffalo and outsourcing naming duties to his equally humorous fans. If all goes according to plans, and a submission is used for the name, the winner will be flown up for the bar’s opening:

having almost the entire summer off is beneficial to me personally not only in the sense that i can brush up on new mosh pit moves, but also because i, along with 2 partners, are in negotiations to open a bar/venue in downtown buffalo. things are moving along quite smoothly except for one minor hang up. we cannot decide on a name. so, i decided to run a bit of a contest. if anyone who reads this or who enjoys etid and/or drinking can come up with a better name than what we currently have as our front runner- and we decide to use it- we will fly the winner out to celebrate the grand opening with us if the proposal indeed does get passed by the city council. the name can incorporate anything involving music/alcohol/cinema/literature. this is by no means going to be a dive bar so “tits and beer” will not be accepted (mainly only because those are the names of my future children). oh and you have to live in america. im not paying international flight rates. and you cant check any luggage at the airport. so get those thinking caps on and write to [email protected] with “bar name” in the subject box. looking forward to seeing what you weirdos come up with. love keith

Every Time I Die will make their Epitaph debut with New Junk Aesthetic later this year.

Thanks to MattyBeatz at Deaf Left Ear for the heads up and always having his finger on the pulse of America.

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