Emmure announce new lineup

Posted by on April 25, 2016

frankiepalmeriOne of the most sudden lineup changes in the past few months was Emmure losing, well, everyone in the band except for singer Frankie Palmeri. Palmeri promised to return as Emmure with a new lineup and we’ve been wondering who would want to join a band with him and it seems like he found a new crew to play once again.

Emmure revealed its newest lineup which includes former The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Glass Cloud members Joshua Travis, Phil Lockett and Josh Miller. If you’re a fan of the band and live in Europe, you may have notice the new additions to the Emmure family as the band is currently trekking across the old continent with the Impericon Festival. But the band, meaning Palmeri, has been teasing us with several Facebook posts showing him and some others getting ready for their most recent journey.

It’s not a surprise that someone would jump into joining Palmeri on stage considering how popular and successful Emmure is and having the guys from The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza is a fantastic addition to any band. If you’re not familiar with TTDTE, they were a mathcore band back in the early 2000’s but stopped existing in 2012 and you can check out what they sounded like and how they sound with Palmeri on stage. We’re now curious what this would mean for the future of the band and if they will be part of the writing process.

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