Dispute Over Playing Limp Bizkit Leads To Murder

Posted by on April 28, 2011

Who knew people still loved Limp Bizkit enough to go this far, eh? BrisbaneTimes.com.au reports that an Australian man was beaten to death over a drunken fight regarding Limp Bizkit’s music being played.

Emmanuel McPherson, 48, repotedly objected when his flatmate, James Albert Madden, 24, played a Limp Bizkit album on his stereo. A physical drunken fight pursued, which led to Madden to hit McPherson about the head with an alcohol bottle, punch him and stomp on his face as he lay on the floor. Madden then placed McPherson’s body in a shopping trolly and dumped it in the creek. This event reportedly took place on May 25, 2009 while the two men were drinking at their unit with two women. Currently, Madden is being charged with McPherson’s murder, but pleads not guilty.

It should be noted, though, that it is unclear if the dispute arose from Madden playing Limp Bizkit or by simply using McPherson’s stereo. Though it still seems like an extreme course of action to take just for some “Nookie.” You can read the entire report over at BrisbaneTimes.com.au.



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