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You may or may not have been following the news of vocalist Henry Derek’s drama-tinged departure from Scar The Martyr a week or so ago. In any case, he’s out and the band are working on getting a new vocalist. And guess what? That vocalist could be you.

The band has posted the following to their Facebook page:

As recently mentioned, Scar The Martyr is looking for a new vocalist. Before we make a final decision, we have decided to open up submissions to the public. If you are interested, email your tryout video to We look forward to seeing and hearing your submissions.

Scar The Martyr

Well, there you have it. This could be the moment you were waiting for, aspiring vocalists. Granted, the way the statement is phrased implies that the band may have someone in mind already, but could be looking for that diamond in the rough, or something inspirational like that.