Now that Ghost have announced their fourth album, Prequelle, and released a video, the promotional blitz has started once again. However, amid all the hoopla, it seems to have been overlooked, or at least not mentioned much, that while the band’s “new” frontman is a Cardinal instead of a Pope, there’s another new face in band. And by “face,” we mean “nameless ghoul.” The above photo of the band shows that one of the band’s members is now a female.

It’s no surprise that Ghost have had a revolving door of band members other than Tobias Forge since the band began. A lawsuit by former members brought to light that there have been 10. Also, it was rumored that there was a female bassist with the band since 2016. While initial sleuthing found some speculating that former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult might be in the band, further sleuthing uncovered her Lez Zeppelin’s Megan Thomas (who’s named in the lawsuit as being a member). And while the band obviously aren’t saying anything as to who the current members are, there’s definitely a female among the ranks now, suggesting that while the ghouls might be nameless, they’re not genderless.